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7 things to know about how to deal with a bully

Marie Peeler

After a conference recently, where I gave a talk on emotional intelligence, I received an email requesting advice on dealing with a boss that “lacks self-awareness, is quick to anger, and vents their frustration on whoever is around.” In other words, the writer wanted to know how to deal with a bully. We’ve all experienced […]

We all know what RESPECT is, don’t we?

I bet you think you know what respect means.  After all, don’t we all know when others are treating us with respect, or with disrespect? Have you been watching news coverage of the Aaron Hernandez arraignment?  If the Assistant DA’s version of the story is true, two men are dead and a promising career is […]

How to make an effective request

Sometimes things – jobs, friendships, marriages, employee behavior or even our boss’s behavior – aren’t what we want them to be.  Often, we resort to complaining about it, usually to the people who have the least amount of power to change the situation. Last time, I talked about the importance of making requests rather than […]

Do you want to be right or do you want to win?

Recently, I had a most singularly rewarding experience when a client told me that something I had asked her weeks before profoundly changed her relationship with the world. When she repeated my question, I had to smile.  Many years ago, a man that I coached – a man that worked for me in my corporate […]

Seven benefits of better listening

Listening is one of the most effective tools that a leader has in his arsenal. With relatively little effort, a leader who is a good listener can net high yield results. Think about it. When you listen, you don’t have to DO much of anything. Yes, you may ask some curiosity questions or clarifying questions, […]

Four easy ways to increase your interpersonal effectiveness in 2013.

One of the most important skills that a successful leader depends upon is their own interpersonal effectiveness.  As the New Year gets underway, there are a few simple things that you can begin to do today to increase your effectiveness with co-workers, employees, and other leaders in your organization. Smile.  Underrated as a tool for […]