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To communicate better, rewrite your conversations

Have you ever had a conversation and then wished you could have a do-over?  Perhaps you struggled to succinctly express your point, observed that your words did not have the impact that you intended, or left a conversation feeling dissatisfied? This happens to leaders all the time.  Many leaders who are extroverts find out what […]

7 things extraverts and introverts can each do to be better leaders

In my last post, I asked you to make a list of all the ways that your preference for introversion or extraversion may help you in your leadership endeavors.  (To understand whether you prefer introversion or extraversion, read Do you prefer extraversion or introversion?  Your leadership style may depend upon it.)  Then I suggested that […]

Do you prefer extraversion or introversion? Your leadership style may depend upon it.

When it comes to learning effective leadership, there are guidelines, there is wisdom, there’s even common sense, but there is not one style that fits all.  That’s because leaders are people first and foremost, and people come in all types – literally and figuratively. To increase our effectiveness, we have to start with self-understanding, that […]