Team Building

When teams function with trust, collaboration, and synergy, they are powerful agents for achieving unparalleled results.  When teams are high-functioning, there is truth in the popular TEAM acronym “Together Everyone Achieves More.”

Watch how we cultivate team growth.

Many teams are not high-functioning because true teamwork is difficult to achieve.  Many team members simply do not know how to achieve it. Peeler Associates works with teams to assess their developmental needs, and helps them answer their biggest challenges by providing training, coaching, and facilitation services that helps teams get unstuck.

To us, Team Building is all about doing real work in real time while learning to do it better as a team. It’s not about ropes courses or trust falls; it’s about team building where the rubber meets the road.

Team Coaching and Development

Help teams learn how to break down silos, utilize a more effective group process, and be high functioning teams with team coaching. Learn more…

Team Assessments

Establish benchmarks and help teams cultivate greater self-awareness of their team culture, as well as their impact on each other and the entire organization, with specially designed personality and leadership assessments for teams. Learn more…


Facilitation services help a team tackle a new initiative or solve a problem with the help of a professional who will keep the team on track and ensure all voices are heard. Learn more…

Business Retreats

Business Retreats take leaders off-site for a day or longer to help them work on business issues, build a stronger team, or learn new skills. Learn more…

Start cultivating more collaboration and greater leadership effectiveness on your team today by contacting us to learn more about team coaching, team assessments, facilitation, and business retreats.