What makes a leader seek Coaching?

Leaders, usually who are very successful overall, seek Coaching for themselves or their key employees to further develop their leadership skills and effectiveness. Executives, managers, and entrepreneurs utilize Coaching both to overcome specific issues or gain specific skills, as well as to engage in continuous growth and transformation.

What kinds of topics do you work with your Coaching clients on?

Our clients engage us to work with them on most anything that affects their leadership greatness. We’ve worked with leaders that want to improve their presence, wield more influence, tackle tough conversations, implement succession plans, delegate more effectively, get more done, achieve better balance, form better relationships, overcome conflict, and more. We are a leader’s non-judgmental strategic partner in whatever they need to accomplish.

When you do Leadership Training, what levels of leadership do you work with?

We are happy to work with leaders at all levels but we find that a lot of our work starts at the top. Then, it’s not uncommon for the senior leaders of companies to say “This is great stuff! Can you present this to the people that work for us?” When we do organization-wide Leadership Development training programs, typically leaders at all levels of the organization, from executives to supervisors, are included in the training.

Are you usually hired directly by the person being coached or by their company?

Both! Sometimes leaders hire us independently of their companies. Other times, we are hired by or recommended by the Employee Development staff or senior leaders at a company.

Where and when will my Coach and I work together?

The Coaching program is co-created by the client and the Coach. After you decide the goals of the program, you will decide how often to meet and whether to meet in person or by telephone. After an initial session of at least two hours, 50 – 90 minute sessions are typically scheduled about two or three times each month. Often, in the later (or maintenance) phase of an engagement, meetings taper down to monthly or bi-monthly. Additional support is available from the Coach, between sessions, by telephone or e-mail.

What will my Coach and I do?

Mostly, you will converse. First, you will establish your goals, and then the Coach will allow their background and insight to guide them in listening intuitively, asking powerful questions, and reframing for you. The Coach may introduce tools, techniques or other learning material if relevant. Often you will be given “homework” to complete before the next session. In addition, if you and your Coach agree, the Coaching engagement may include the Coach shadowing you or conducting feedback assessments for you.

Don't people just hire a Coach because they want someone to talk to?

This can be an element of it, although it’s not the sole purpose. Most leaders don’t have many people that they can confide in, vent to, or acknowledge and work on their developmental challenges with. Many don’t have a non-judgmental strategic partner who can “give it to them straight.” This is the Coach’s role.

What is Team Coaching? Is it like Team Building?

Team Coaching works with teams that are tackling real problems in real time. Unlike Team Building, we don’t usually leave the place where the work gets done and we don’t often play games or work on general team rapport. Team Coaching goes to the heart of how teams process while working to achieve team results.

How is Executive, Business, or Leadership Coaching different from Life Coaching?

Leadership Coaching (AKA Executive, Business, or Corporate Coaching) focuses on the systems, issues, and challenges faced by Leaders, i.e. Executives, Managers, and Entrepreneurs in corporations, other businesses, and non-profit organizations. It is provided by specially trained Coaches with extensive leadership experience from business, government, or non-profit backgrounds and special training in Coaching leaders in the workplace. Having said that, Leadership Coaching still involves the whole person and usually has a profound impact on a leader’s entire life.

We need a Speaker for an upcoming event. Can you tailor a presentation just for our group?

Absolutely. We approach all our Speaking engagements by first understanding the organizer’s goals. Then we work to customize a presentation that meets those needs.

Do I have to be physically located in a particular area to work with you?

No, although we are headquartered in the Boston, Massachusetts area, we have Coach Associates in other parts of the country, we travel, and we Coach by telephone. We have worked with clients from California to Maine, and overseas.

How do I learn more about Coaching, Speaking, or the other services provided by Peeler Associates?

Email us, or call us at 781-294-9203.

Whether you are a leader seeking a developmental challenge for yourself or you are looking to grow the talents and skills within your organization, you owe it to yourself to contact us today to find out how we can help you meet your unique challenges.