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Uncovering what leaders know: What coaches do

Marie Peeler

The most successful coaching engagements start with a successful leader who, as a person, is healthy, whole, and resourceful. Leaders who are confident but humble, and smart but willing to learn, come to coaching with an open mind, so that another person, skilled in the tools of coaching, can help them find answers that are […]

Leading change? Create a sense of urgency.

So many leaders that I talk to lament how difficult it is to effect change.  The most seemingly minor changes require Herculean efforts to implement as employees kick, balk, and sabotage. One CEO recently complained to me of the ridiculous amount of time he spent listening to complaints and talking to employees about the adoption […]

Best Leadership Books of 2011

When I worked in the corporate world, I seldom read leadership or business books.  That seems unfathomable to me now but that’s how it was back then.  I worked long hard hours.  When I selected my off-hours reading material I generally went for the intrigue of the 3” thick spy novel.  I didn’t understand how […]