Leadership Perspectives

Five traits of effective leader-coaches

Lately, there has been a lot of interest from leaders who want to learn to coach.  We’ve been asked to do programs – from one-hour conference presentations to multi-day training programs – to help leaders acquire coaching skills.  Leaders recognize that there is less and less use for old command-and-control styles of leading, and they […]

Leadership skills can be learned – Just practice differently

Last time, I told you about Daniel Coyle’s newest book Little Book of Talent and I admitted that lately I’ve had a fascination with performance improvement, talent, and habit. Although I concede that some small part of my attraction to the topic is a desire to play the piano better, my main interest is in […]

Little book of talent: 52 tips for improving your skills

I’ve had a fascination lately with the subject of performance improvement and the related topics of talent and habit.  For anyone genuinely desiring to improve their understanding of how to achieve better performance, Daniel Coyle’s newest book is a small gemstone. Building off of the research that he presented in The Talent Code, which I […]