Career Coaching

Most people of working age spend at least 35 hours a week at their jobs – Many people actually spend far more. Shouldn’t something that we spend so many hours doing be at least agreeable, if not wildly fulfilling? Career Coaching can help make sure that it is.

Peeler Associates helps people with both the strategic and the tactical aspects of career search and transition.  Career Coaching programs are tailored to clients’ individual needs and may help them:
•    Discover the strengths that they offer.
•    Understand the core values that a career must meet to be satisfying.
•    Learn how  the best jobs are really found.
•    Uncover the network they didn’t know they had.
•    Present one’s qualifications verbally and in writing.
•    Interview effectively.
•    Love the job they already have!

Contact us today to find out if Career Coaching may help you discover your new career, figure out how to land your dream job, or learn to excel at the career that you have.