Business Retreats

Taking leaders offsite for a day or more can be an effective method of reducing distractions, stimulating creativity, and knocking down barriers.  Business Retreats are often used to stage learning events, brainstorm action plans, and to build effective teams.

Peeler Associates has coached teams, conducted workshops, and facilitated board and team meetings at clients’ offsite retreats.  We’ve helped clients use the day to explore and answer thorny questions about their future and helped them figure out how to communicate better. Whatever you are trying to accomplish with your team, we can build a program that fits your need.

We are happy to facilitate a retreat at your location or to recommend one of the many facilities that our clients have successfully used to host their retreats.

New: Teambuilding or Leadership Retreat at the Fuller Craft Museum

Peeler Associates is pleased to collaborate with the Fuller Craft Museum to offer two different all-inclusive hassle-free retreat planning experiences for teambuilding and leadership. Both retreats include proven programming, facilitation, materials, facility rental, A/V, and food. All you have to do is bring your team.

If you have specific needs or objectives for your retreat, Peeler Associates is happy to design a retreat at the Fuller Craft Museum just for you. Either way, you’ll enjoy a professionally designed and facilitated retreat at the 22 acre campus of the Fuller Craft Museum, featuring professional conference amenities within inspirational and spacious galleries of new art exhibitions, in a natural setting overlooking Porter’s Pond. Learn more about the Fuller Craft museum at

Start cultivating more collaboration and greater leadership effectiveness on your team today by contacting us to learn more about Team Coaching, Team Assessments, Facilitation, and Business Retreats.