Keynote Speaking

Need a dynamic presenter for your next meeting or conference? Marie Peeler, the founder of Peeler Associates, creates engaging and informative presentations that motivate audiences and meets organizational goals.

Speaker Reel: Watch how we inspire leaders.

While leaders are motivated by her talks, Marie is, first and foremost, an experienced leader with passion for helping individuals and teams lead more effectively. Rather than a motivational speaker that talks about leadership, Marie is leader whose talks are motivating.

She understands that no two audiences are exactly alike.  She takes the time to learn about your audience and to understand your needs.  Then she customizes a dynamic presentation that speaks directly to your audience and meets your needs. Some of her more popular topics have included:

Successful Leadership through Personal Mastery

Leadership has never been easy. But why do some leaders appear to achieve relatively effortless results while others struggle every step of the way? In this lively and interactive workshop, leaders will learn to cultivate personal mastery by beginning to recognize the beliefs and behaviors that facilitate leadership greatness as well as those that can sabotage even the most well-meaning leader’s efforts. As leaders see how their habitual ways of thinking drive their behavior and, ultimately, their success, they will learn the one thing that they can begin to do today to increase their leadership effectiveness.

What's your type? Effectively leading all types

It takes all types to make the world function. Whether you are a thoughtful, introspective introvert or an outgoing and engaging extravert… Whether you are goal and deadline oriented or prefer a more spontaneous “seize the day” approach… Whether you prefer to make decisions with your head or your heart… all types of leaders can be more effective by learning to lead, influence, communicate and collaborate with people who don’t share their own personality preferences. Avoid unnecessary conflict, have more meaningful conversations, and bring out the best in others by understanding the keys to your own and others’ personality types.

Leader as Coach

Coaching is one of the fastest growing and most successful methods used today for increasing employee engagement and job performance. Yet much mystery surrounds Coaching. What exactly is Coaching? How does a leader do it? What skills does it entail? In this presentation, Marie demystifies Coaching and shows leaders how to use this highly effective tool to develop their teams.

In addition to speaking and giving workshops at private company meetings and educational events, Marie speaks at public conferences and educational venues. Some of her previous public speaking engagements have included:

  • MassBuys Expo
  • Dress for Success International Conference
  • Massachusetts Nonprofit Network Annual Conference (2X)
  • Financial Executives International (2X)
  • Workforce Education Resource Center (WERC) at Cape Cod Community College.
  • The Nonprofit Net
  • Greater Boston Business Network
  • Greater Worcester Community Foundation
  • Central Mass Business Expo
  • American Business Women’s Association
  • Technical Development Corp
  • Cranberry Chamber of Commerce
  • Center for Nonprofit Management at Stonehill College
  • Elements for Excellence Women’s Conference (2X)

Need a dynamic speaker for your next conference or meeting? Contact us today to see how we can help make your next event a success.