Team Coaching and Development

Much like Executive Coaching, Team Coaching is a powerful way to help teams achieve greater clarity of purpose, overcome obstacles, instill accountability, and attain goals. We help teams figure out how be real teams.  As a result, Team Coaching can be a powerfully influential component in transforming an organizational culture from one of competition to one of cooperation.

Unlike traditional “team building”, Team Coaching seldom involves games or field trips. Rather, the Team Coach works with the team in real time on real business challenges to achieve real results.   Whether the issue at hand is building a strategic plan, making an important decision, or launching a new product, service or system, the team works on the content of the issue, while the Team Coach focuses on the team’s process and how the team gets the work done.  The results are intended to help complete the task at hand but to also transcend that one task by creating a self-sufficient team that is self-monitoring, self-correcting, and high functioning.

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