Leadership Perspectives

Empathy, not perfection

A few years ago when I was doing research for a graduate class in Emotional Intelligence, I had occasion to do research on empathy.  I ran across an interesting research study done in the medical community that showed some surprising results about doctors and empathy. Empathy trumps perfection.  According to the results of the study, […]

Six Ways to Making Learning Stick (or How to Get Your Money’s Worth from Developmental Training)

Developmental training is a process, not an event. What leaders do to support training initiatives will determine, more than anything else, whether learning is retained after the initial training event.  Unsupported, days spent in developmental training quickly turn into enjoyable boondoggles that are quickly forgotten. This week, I presented a proposal to train an organization’s […]

Can Leadership Be Learned?

During the Q & A portion of a recent after-dinner speaking engagement, someone asked me the classic question.  It was the quintessential question – the one that I am almost always asked.  “Marie, do you believe that a person can learn leadership skills?  Or is it something that some people are just born with?” It’s […]