Helping Coaching Clients Obtain the Data They Need
International Coach Federation; Coaching World
January 30, 2018
"In God we trust. All others need to bring data." Collecting data is a key way that coaches help clients create awareness.  Yet the data collection method chosen must provide useful information from which the client can learn and it must meet them where they are.  Here are various ways that coaches collect data, input or feedback to help clients expand their self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Read full article HTML
Build and Improve Relationships While Guarding Your FI's Integrity
Banking New England
July/August 2017
Like all executives, the CFO has a dual role. One as the head of finance and the other as a member of the larger team responsible for the success of the overall organization.  Here's how  CFOs can be more respected and wield greater influence as they balance these roles. Read full article PDF HTML
Leaders Benefit by Using Emotional Intelligence
Industry Today
May 27, 2017
Jennifer learns from Sandra how emotional intelligence, the ability to recognize and manage moods and emotions, can be used to become a productive and satisfied leader.... Read full article PDF   HTML
A Tale of Two Leaders: The Case for Emotional Intelligence
Philanthropy Journal
February 27, 2017
Suppose you are a potential donor or you represent a foundation. You have two possible organizations to invest in but can only fund one. Both have compelling missions and both have programs that fall within your foundation’s areas of focus. The organizations are of a similar size and age and both organizations’ Executive Directors have similar tenure. The organizations are similar in most ways. But you must choose. (Sounding familiar?) Read full article... PDF HTML
Lessons for leaders in Trump's surprising win
The Patriot Ledger
November 18, 2016
Last week's U.S. presidential election represented one of the most stunning political upsets that most of us alive today have ever witnessed.  The surprising nature of these election results is further evidence of a problem that permeates our culture. That problem is our unwillingness to respectfully hear viewpoints and ideas that oppose our own. It is a listening problem. And it is the same listening problem that a lot of leaders have in their own organizations. PDF HTML
To Improve Team Productivity, Focus on Improving Communication
Business & Legal Resources
October 13, 2016
Nothing is more important to team productivity than how well a team communicates.  Communication that increases understanding, generates important insights, and talks about what matters drives sound team decision-making, powerful action-planning, and on-target achievement of results. PDF  HTML
Becoming a Smarter Leader
March 17, 2016
One of the traits that often come to mind when people describe leaders is intellect. A leader is expected to be smart. But being smart shouldn’t be a static condition – there are always opportunities to expand your knowledge base. Here are a few ideas of ways to not only become smarter, but to become a more effective leader at the same time. PDF 
Communicate to Win
Small Business Opportunities Magazine
January 2016
Leadership teams face an increased need for cross-functional collaboration and unprecedented demand for faster decision-making.  To meet ever-accelerating requirements, teams have to be more efficient and more productive than ever.  But poor communication might be hurting your team’s productivity.  To find out, here’s seven questions to ask yourself.  Read full article:  PDF
For Greater LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS, Grow Your Capacity to Lead
Mailing Systems Technology Magazine
May-June, 2014
As the mailing industry continues to face uncertainty from rate increases, competition from alternative media, and the complications of ever changing automation requirements, being a leader in the space doesn’t get easier. In an attempt to survive, leaders get tough and get lean, focusing precious resources on executing winning marketing strategies and developing new opportunities, while trimming operating costs.  Read Full Article:  PDF  HTML
Tapping Your Best Resources to Improve Your Operation
Mailing Systems Technology e-newsletter
February 16, 2014
As a mailing operations leader, your key responsibility is to ensure that your operation not only survives, but thrives by constantly evolving and improving. The most direct means of doing this is by cultivating, harvesting, and utilizing the collective wisdom that you already have within the walls of your operation. Read Full Article: PDF HTML