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Marie Peeler writes regularly about leadership and career development. Her articles have been published in numerous national and regional magazines, journals, and online publications.

The Leadership Capacity of Women
Strategy for Life Magazine
January 21, 2014
Successful woman—those who build relationships and wield influence—treat people well and seek to build up others, without falling into the trap of needing to be liked at all costs. Their need to achieve objectives is greater than their need to stay safe and to belong to the group. They speak up authentically both for themselves and others, and for the good of the task at hand... Read Full Article:  PDF
Engaging the System for More Effective Strategic Planning
American Management Association
November 8, 2013
Many leaders, believing that they have devoted generous resources to a process that essentially takes people away from the real work that needs to be done, are chronically disappointed with the lackluster results that come from their strategic planning efforts. Read Full Article:   HTML
Empathy: A Powerful Tool for Leaders
PMA Newsline
July 3, 2013
People – and your relationships with people – are the lifeblood of your business. Customers, prospects, employees, and even suppliers are people that you need in order for your business to thrive. Keeping them happy is important to your business. So are understanding their needs, garnering their loyalty, and gaining their cooperation.  Read Full Article:   PDF
Transitioning to a Job You Love
American Society of Training and Development Career Development Blog
June 14, 2013
Even though the unemployment numbers are not what they once were, most of us know of at least one person who has suffered through a prolonged and involuntary period of joblessness. This tends to make complaining about the jobs we currently have, even if they are awful, seem insensitive and gauche. Still, it’s important to be honest with yourself when the job...  Read The Full Article:   PDF  HTML
What to Do if You are Employed but not Loving It
Cape and Plymouth Business Magazine
May 2013
Unemployment is still a hot topic even while the unemployment rate in Massachusetts continues to fall from its 2009 high. But what if you are among those who are fortunate enough to have a job, but not fortunate enough to love it...  Read The Full Article:  PDF
Better Leadership Means Better Listening
Business News Daily
April 27, 2013
If you want better market intelligence, greater creativity or more profits, listen up. That's right — if you want loyal customers, dedicated employees or the extra edge to make your business more successful, you need to hone your listening skills. Leaders know they need to listen. Most know that they don't listen enough...  Read The Full Article:  PDF   HTML
Cultures of Innovation
Manufacturing Executive Leadership Journal
November 2012
How do you drive innovation? Can leaders simply mandate their people to innovate? Some manufacturers have tried, but many have ended up frustrated when their carefully prepared, inspirational corporate slogans, initiatives, directives, and even color schemes fail to stimulate the game-changing innovations they envision. The problem is that people don't know how to innovate...  Read The Full Article:  PDF
Technical Skills Not Enough for Medical Leaders
Western Pennsylvania Hospital News, Issue No.8
Nearly all of the leaders of clinical programs, hospitals, medical practices, and other medical enterprises are physicians, many of which maintain, in addition to their leadership responsibilities, some level of clinical practice. That leaders of such endeavors would come up through the ranks is only logical. Medicine, like many industries that employ a similar practice of promoting their best...  Read The Full Article:  PDF
Balancing the Competing Demands of the CFO’s Role
CFO Award Supplement to the Boston Business Journal
July 27, 2012
As chief financial officers grapple with efficiencies, growing revenue, and meeting compliance standards, many can feel frustrated and distant from other members of their organization due to the very nature of their tasks. Indeed, CFOs can often feel as if they are running uphill and at odds with their teammates...  Read The Full Article:  PDF   HTML
Key to Leadership is Blowing in the Wind
Convenience Store News
July 19, 2012
When people reach leadership positions in their careers, it's easy for them to think that in this new role, they should work to emulate a tree, grounded by its roots and reaching high in the sky, looking over everything and everyone, and standing impervious to even the strongest winds of distraction, conflict and change. The analogy isn't bad, but with one exception...  Read The Full Article:  PDF

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