Marie Peeler (Peeler Associates) to Speak at the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network Annual Conference Later this Month

PEMBROKE, MA – Marie Peeler, CEO of Peeler Associates, will be leading a workshop entitled, “How Effective Leaders Use Coaching to Boost Performance,” during Session II of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network Annual Conference. The conference will be held Tuesday, October 29, at the Sheraton Framingham and will focus on the theme “Solutions 2013: The Intersection of People and Technology.”

Peeler’s workshop will demystify coaching by showing executive directors and other senior nonprofit leaders what coaching is and is not, the characteristics of a good leader-coach, when to use coaching, four key coaching skills that effective leaders need, and the difference between coaching and managing. Most importantly, leaders will learn the skills and techniques necessary to be successful leader-coaches.

“Coaching is one of the fastest growing and most successful methods for increasing employee engagement and job performance,” offered Peeler. “With command and control management styles dying in nonprofit organizations (if they ever worked), they’ve been replaced with coaching, one of the most effective ways to help people grow and develop.

“To effectively tap the best that our people have to offer, nonprofit leaders have to learn not just to manage, but to develop their employees,” said Peeler.

For more information about the 2013 MNN Conference, or to register to attend, please visit!workshops/cfvg.