Marie Peeler of Peeler Associates Earns MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential

PEMBROKE, MA, ISSUED SEPTEMBER 16, 2014… Marie Peeler, CEO of Peeler Associates, an executive coaching and leadership development firm working with individuals and organizations to increase their leadership effectiveness, recently earned the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Master Practitioner Credential. MBTI® Master Practitioners are recognized for meeting the highest standard set for those eligible to work with the MBTI® assessment.

Developed out of the personality theories of Carl Jung, the MBTI® is one of the most widely used personality assessments in organizations today. The MBTI® assessment asks a series of questions designed to sort a person’s preferences, and thus “type,” according to four dichotomies. Preferences within these dichotomies govern where we direct our energy, how we take in information, how we make decisions, and whether we prefer structure and closure or flexibility and openness.

Individual understanding of preferences and type deeply impacts self-awareness as well as empathy for others. It is particularly useful for leaders in understanding how to relate with and motivate others who do not share their own preferences.

In order to attain the MBTI® Master Practitioners Credential, Peeler successfully completed an approved MBTI® Certification Program; completed a required number of hours of continuing education in approved advanced training programs; and demonstrated a record of practical application by leading workshops or working with individuals as a coach.

“The MBTI® assessment is an incredibly useful tool, and can offer so much insight on how one can improve leadership effectiveness,” said Peeler. “I am excited to share the additional knowledge that I have gained earning this credential in real-life situations with my clients.”